We have two online learning platforms of varying complexity. We cover customer needs from local use to managing a nationwide school system with hundreds of thousands of users.


Platform Viki

Viki is a comprehensive online learning platform that makes digital educational content accessible, while allowing users to create their own educational materials. It provides effective tools for content creation and publishing, teacher and pupil work, online task assignment and evaluation, interactive classroom lessons, as well as the creation of reports and statistics. This robust solution can be implemented at the national level to meet modern digital educational requirements.  

Platform Kozmix

On this platform, digital educational content can be placed in a well-arranged, hierarchical library. Educational materials are organised according to the state educational programme and any defined requirements. The platform also supports a special display of digitised books, magazines and textbooks. The educational content is easy to search and filter as per categories and keywords


Teachers can assign specific online tasks to their pupils, groups and classes. Tasks are evaluated automatically; and pupils, teachers and parents get an overview of results and success.


The platform provides customised user interfaces tailored for pupils of all ages as well as teachers. Its implementation for a new project is very fast.