With the new World Phenomena teaching subject, everyday teaching turns into an adventure to the threshold of human knowledge. The educational material package for educators at the second stage of primary schools contains everything for innovative, attractive and modern teaching.

In World Phenomena, education is based on experiential learning – which communicates a topic to pupils through their own experience and facilitated by world-class BBC educational videos.

Teamwork, developing the skills needed to live and work in the 21st century, critical thinking and innovative teaching methods are the key ingredients of a school subject that motivates children to think in context.


See the project brochure for more information.


  • Pupils develop creativity and creative thinking
  • Traditional teaching is transformed into an educational experience
  • Pupils learn to think in context
  • Pupils enjoy learning – which motivates them to achieve better results
  • Pupils improve their English language skills
  • Pupils have access to cutting-edge BBC videos
  • Teaching includes attractive games
  • Classes create a healthy competitive environment
  • Pupils learn to think critically and make substantive arguments
  • Pupils enjoy acquiring new knowledge

Content of educational materials

  • 450 BBC videos
  • Over 1,300 interactive exercises to practice knowledge
  • Licenses for digital content access
  • 60 educational models as comprehensive preparation for teachers
  • Educational game with components
  • Video library with accompanying info
  • Guide
  • Portal Guide
  • Expedition plan for teachers