The English Play Box is an exceptional tool for teaching English in nursery schools. The extensive educational content offers over 100 hours of learning as colourful interactive exercises that will interest even the youngest pupils. Detailed instructions mean that preparation for class is quick and easy. The teacher has digital and printed educational materials, as well as multimedia content (songs, illustrations, simulations, games and animations) with no special technical support required.

The product has been developed by an international team of methodology experts, consultants, educators and native English speakers, in close cooperation with English language teachers.

English Play Box combines colourful digital content with practical printed materials.


  • Develops English language skills for children and educators
  • Combines teacher-led activities and children-initiated games
  • Allows active parent participation
  • Effectively combines traditional educational materials and modern digital content
  • Develops competences for the 21st century
  • Uses the latest educational developments

Content of educational materials

  • 168 lessons
  • 840 screens
  • set of printed materials
  • package of teacher materials